You know those people who color code their sock drawer? That’s Heidi. To say she’s “highly organized” would be an understatement; Heidi’s Post-it notes have footnotes. Heidi has been fortunate to make a career out of her hyper-attention to detail. She’s a seamless coordinator who can quarterback the game plan from start to finish. And on top of that, she plays well with others; she truly values the relationships she creates with her clients and colleagues.

Because of this natural knack for running the show and her interpersonal skills, Heidi has worked in a variety of event planning and PR positions from The White House and Bush/Quayle ’92 to KKR in San Francisco and strategic communications in Seattle. Heidi finally made it back to Ketchum where she started her own event planning business before co-founding Good Riddance.


Some kids love building Legos. Some kids love playing with Barbies. Not many kids love styling storefronts and rearranging furniture…with the exception of Caroline! She began her budding design career in the fourth grade with an opportunity to restyle an upscale antique shop in Newport Beach. Then and there she knew this was her calling, giving her an outlet for her passion for design. A self-proclaimed “truffle pig,” Caroline has a love for sniffing out one-of-a-kind pieces, eclectic details, up-cycled treasures, and the juxtaposition of old and new. You can’t learn good taste, you’re born with it!

Having Graduated Cum Laude from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) with an Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications, Caroline’s education and work experience have given her an expansive background in antique inquest and consignment curation with a focus on interior design. Caroline’s philosophy is to create “functional beauty” when it comes to designing spaces for her clients.


A serendipitous encounter brought Caroline and Heidi together in early 2019. After several subsequent meetings it was clear that their skill sets were a perfect compliment and the next logical step was to start a business. Heidi’s project and business management skills and Caroline’s design sensibilities and consignment experience was the ideal recipe to create Good Riddance. They tackle every job efficiently, beautifully, and with uncompromised transparency and finesse. Call them today to learn how they can help you – they are problem solvers to the nth degree!